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The Quicksilver Mail


Breaded Whitebait £5.50

Prawn Cocktail, served on a bed of Salad £5.75

Homemade Soup of the day with Crusty Bread £4.00

Baked Potato Skins with Bacon and Cheese £5.50

Main Meals

Breaded whole tail Scampi served with Peas, Chips and Salad £9.95

Homemade Beer Battered Fish served with Peas, Chips, Salad and Tartar Sauce £10.25

Omelette of your choice, with Salad and Chips £8.50

Beef Lasagne served with Garlic Bread and Salad £9.95

Home Cooked Ham, Brace of Free Range Eggs and Chips £8.50

Ploughman’s with a choice of Cheddar or Ham with Pickles, Bread and Salad £9.25

Rump Steak served with grilled Tomato, Field Mushroom, Peas, Onion rings and Chips £14.50

Gammon with Egg and Pineapple Tomato, field Mushroom, Peas, , Onion Rings and Chips £11.25

Curry of the day served with Long Grain Rice, Poppadum and Mango Chutney £9.75

Homemade Pie of the day served with seasonal Vegetables and New Potatoes £9.75

Vegetable Lasagne served with Garlic Bread and Salad £9.95 (V)

Vegetable Curry of the day served with Long Grain Rice, Poppadum Mango Chutney £9.75 (V)

Chefs Vegetable Stir Fry £9.50 (V)


Grilled Chicken and Bacon on a Mix of Salad Leaves Cucumber & Tomatoes £10.95

Grated Cheese on a mix of Leaves, Pickles, Beetroot, Gherkin & New Potatoes £10.00

Slices of Ham on a mix of Leaves, Pickle, Beetroot, Gherkin & New Potatoes £10.95


Homemade Beef Burger Bacon, Cheese, Onion Rings served in a Brioche Bun + Chips £10.50

Chilli Burger Our Homemade Burger served with Chilli and Chips £9.50

Skinny Chicken Burger served with Salad £9.00


Sandwiches                                                 Jacket Potatoes

Cheese & Ham Sandwich £5.50                Cheese & Beans £5.75

Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich £5.50            Tuna Mayonnaise £5.85

Cheese & Pickle Sandwich £5.30              Stilton & Mushroom £6.55

Brie & Cranberry Sandwich £5.50             Chicken & Bacon £6.95

Ham & Tomato    Sandwich £5.50              Prawns in Marie Rose £6.65

Prawns in Marie Rose sauce£5.95            Cheese & Onion £5.75

Toasted Add .50p

Or if you would like anything different from the above please just ask, if we can - we will J


Children’s Menu

Chicken Nuggets Chips & Beans/Peas

Sausage Chips and Beans

Beef Burger and Chips

Tomato Pasta Bake (V)

Any of the above at £4.95 (includes Ice Cream as Dessert)

Teas and Coffees

Tea for One £1.80                   Coffee £2.30                           Hot Chocolate £2.50

Tea for Two £3.00                   Latte    £2.40                          Expresso £2.00

Fruit Tea £1.80              Cappuccino £2.50                            (Double Shot £3.00)

Earl Grey £1.80             Americano £2.40


If you or a member of your party has a food allergy or dietary r